Monday, 23 September 2013

Day I don't even know... (Part two)

I started this round with the best of intentions, after seeing such good results last round. I did ONE of the scheduled workouts and thats it... i think ive weighed in once or twice, done none of these push up challenges i see people talking abt on facebook, no weekly challenges, ignored the videos and emails as its the same stuff from last round and not touched the forums.

Here it is, the good the bad and what I'm going to do about it... no particular order, just thoughts as they spill out of my head, down my arms and onto the keyboard so apologies...

- The last 3 - 4 weeks of my life have been interrupted by this gorgeous face...

Our new puppy. After the devastation of losing our two beautiful dogs to a deadly snake bite at the beginning of the year we have finally welcomed our new bundle of fluff and joy. With that comes toilet training, and feeding, and training and playtime. Pawrenting is basically a full time job in itself. There has been sleepless nights when the poor little dude has been up every two hours for the toilet, puppy diarreah and more. My boyfriend and I are SO in love with this stunning boy who is so clever and grows and changes each and every day.

I've also had more than one person tell me that their puppy was more hard work than their baby, and i believe them. If I had a real baby Tony Abbot would be paying me right now to stay home and be a sleep deprived mess not come to work and struggle though the day like a zombie on zzzz sorry i just fell asleep there!

So not to blame the puppy or make excuses but as I'm out of the house for 11 hours a day to work, the last 3 weeks has been all about him. Hence little excercise, and very little food prep.

- To join the gym or not to join the gym...

I intended on completing this round from home but there were a few things i didnt consider...

1) The programs require pyramid sets etc where you do the same exercise with different weights - which means constantly adjusting your barbell which is really annoying and time consuming

2) My garage is not bright and clean and nice smelling like the gym. And there is noone there to recognise me, or learn my name to make me feel like 'yeah! they know me - i must be doing something right'. My last gym i instantly felt alive and invigorated as soon as I'd stepped in the door.

3) Joining the gym relies on getting in the car and going - and even MORE organisation and time.

4) I have worked out that I really can only fit in a 30-45 minute workout in my day. I leave for work at 7am, come home at 6pm then god forbid spend time with the bf (when hes home from his fifo job) or puppy before cooking dinner, eating, cleaning up, prepping food for the next day then showering and collapsing into bed.

5) It would be safer to do things like squats & deadlifts at the gym with the appropriate racks etc.

6) I HATE meatheads at the gym, i HATE waiting for equipment at the gym.

7) I am going down to Fernwood tonight to check it out... I hope they have a decent weights section...

I feel overwhelmed...

I spend my M - F working and then coming home to cook, clean & prep, then I spend my Saturday cleaning, washing, grocery shopping and my Sunday finishing what I didnt do on Saturday and prepping food for the week with barely any time left for fun. Whats the point of being fit & healthy without getting to enjoy it. With bf working fifo i pretty much have to run the entire house myself, if only i didnt have to sleep...

Apologies for the complainey nature at the moment, hope to have something more positive to say soon


Feeling lost and need help...

Step one: confession...

I have actually only done ONE lean and strong workout... It's week 7... FUCK!!!!!

That's it - out in the open, no longer hidden.

Some serious thinking / blogging to do.

Why can't your blog give you kick up the butt when you haven't posted, that seems to be when I fall to shit..



Sunday, 22 September 2013

Day I don't even know.. HELP!!!

Feeling lost and need help...

Step one: confession...

I have actually only done ONE lean and strong workout... It's week 7... FUCK!!!!!

That's it - out in the open, no longer hidden.

Some serious thinking / blogging to do.

Why can't your blog give you kick up the butt when you haven't posted, that seems to be when I fall to shit..


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 87 - So confused, losing faith?

So its day 87 into my 365 day health and fitness journey and I have to admit that at this point in time I am feeling super confused and questioning my decision to sign up for the lean and strong program. Not because I dont like the food or the exercise (confession - ive actually done eff all of the exercise), but because I'm losing faith in the 'rightness' of the program for me.

The more research I do, and the more people I speak to is making me question whether eating 100 calories over my BMR and training 6x per week is actually the best thing to get me to my goals. I know right - little me questioning the allmighty Michelle Bridges? What do I know? Well i know that I'm hungry on 1500 cals a day - not the demon bitch I was on 1200, but still hungry - and proper hungry. This program is actually the only one to recommend training so often (most programs recommend abt 4 sessions per week) and eating so little to gain muscle. So I've kinda been doing my own thing, eating atm abt 1700 cals and will probably increase once im doing more regular training sessions.

I REALLY struggle to find the time in my day to fit exercise in - Even with a Sunday cookup. I am out of the house 11 hours a day for work and with everything else that comes with running a household, having any sort of outside interests or seeing family & friends I'm finding it so fucking hard. Cutting down my calories was easy enough as it only required a few hours food prep on a Sunday - but finding an extra 6 or so hours a week for training and managing to get 8 hours sleep seems near on impossible... am i just whinging? So I am thinking I follow the advice of just about everyone else and aim for 4 sessions a week. So basically I've just wasted $200 as everything but the recipes I'm really not using.

Man this post is turning into such a negative rant...

Definitely need to find my faith again... might have a chat to my pt tonight and see what he reckons...

Any advice would be much appreciated, has anyone else been in such a funk and dared go against the program in such a way?

Boo :(










Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Emma's Superballs

Superfood and Protein Balls


Chop dates & goji berries, process almonds (I just used mortar & pestle for such a small amount)

Mix wet & dry ingredients

Add water (5-7 tablespoons) to get the right consistency

Roll into balls & freeze

Makes 16 balls @ 90calories each

1 cup oats

15g Chia seeds

20g Coconut oil

2 Tbs cocoa powder (or cacao powder)

8 dates

1 Tsp Cinnamon

2 Tbs Honey

20g dessicated coconut

½ cup almonds

10g goji berries

40g chocolate protein powder

1Tsp vanilla

Might still play with some of the quantities but they taste pretty good!





Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 74 - Here we go... Come at me Lean & Strong!!!

Hellooooo :)

So today was day 2 of the Lean & Strong 12wbt - and my first day of L & S training (I had a session with my PT yesterday). I should have known what I was in for when the name of the routine is HARD AND HEAVY! OMG!!! So already being sore from PT and a day of hardcore gardening on Sunday I have to admit I went fairly lightly tonight. I will build up the weights but I do want to ease into it a little more - plus Im doing the Western Mud Rush on Saturday which I'd really like not to be too sore for.

One of my goals is to get on here and confess / blow my own trumpet more often... I find that being accountable really helps - even if noone reads it, its like admitting to yourself that you could have done better when at the time its easier to close your mind and ignore the fact that your eating the rest of a box of lindt chocolates sitting at the back of the fridge cos you were 'saving' them to eat one at a time. Yep that was me last night... wierd thing is , if i knew i was coming on here to list everything I hate and process my thoughts I probably wouldnt have done it.

I made Super Balls on the weekend (a protein and superfood combo) and they are yum!!! Will have to post the recipe - makes 16 at 90 cals each. Ive been having them every morning when I get up as I dont eat breakfast till around 9 - 9.30.

Ive also been wondering about the 1500 calorie limit - I've been reading a lot of people going over up to 2000 cals... how do you know what your intake should be? On the 1500 plan I've stuck to the 300ish calorie main meals from the weight loss plan and just increased my snack intake as I find im constantly hungry and need to graze throughout the day. If anyone is reading this and has some advice please let me know!!!

Also I now own a Fitbit flex - still figuring it all out but i love it so far!

So now the time for accountability...


Breakfast: Protein Ball & Banana Bruschetta

Morning Snack: Coffee

Lunch: Leftover Sticky BBQ Beef

Arvo Snack: Fresh pineapple & strawberries, weight watchers ginger kiss bar,small yogurt (only ate half - Coles brand Simply Less Greek Yogurt - tasted horrible!!!) Oh and I bought an Easiyo so will post about that when I make it :) and another protein ball as I left my protein shake at work!

Dinner: Wholemeal tuna spaghetti with lemon & cherry tomatoes - this was super yummy!!!!!

Exercise: Day 1 Hard & Heavy - Legs, Chest, Biceps & Abs... owchie!

Off to bed now to recover! Here are some pics of tonight and last night' dinners... and my Super Balls mmmmm....




Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Day 54 - Lean and Strong!

Hello there :)

So this round of 12wbt is coming to a close, and I have decided to give the Lean & Strong program a go next round. Im almost at my goal weight - lost 300g this week so only 500g to go. It really just proves that it is 80% what you put in your mouth (or dont put in your mouth!) and 20% what you put in at the gym. Which for me this round has been very little I have to say... I do 1 - 2 sessions per week on average but have been super pleased that I've managed to get the eating side of it down pat, with a few slips here and there but once again, 80/20 right?

Next round I need to...

  • Do ALL of my workouts, INCLUDING sss
  • Do the weekly challenges
  • Maintain my good eating (soooo looking forward to 1500 cals!)
  • Continue with Sunday food prep for the week - amazing how much time this saves in the week! Who would have thought weighing out portions of yogurt, meat, cheese etc would take so long!
  • Write proper goals
  • Find that willpower muscle and be stronger against temptation
  • Finish the round looking and feeling hot in my bikini!
  • Blog more!!! and take more food pics

Need to finish clearing out the gym / garage and set up my weights & equipment!!!



  • Breakfast - Banana Quinoa Porridge
  • Lunch - Chicken, orange and avocado salad - yum!
  • Snacks - Grande Skinny Caramel Latte, Apple, Natural Yogurt, one bite of boyfriends icecream
  • Dinner - Lamb with herb & feta peas and beetroot puree - would have photographed awesomely with the bright veg!

I also walked the dogs and had a PT session tonight - absolutely smashed!!!!


Now for bed....zzzz



Saturday, 6 July 2013

Day 36 - I'm baaaack!!! Let's do this...

Hello Bloggersphere :)

It's 36 days since I started my challenge, and this weekend I got back from a 3 week holiday with the boy travelling around our beautiful state, WA. I had SUCH a great time, was well needed (though not perfect timing) and now I'm back refreshed and ready to pick up where I left off. So...

The good... We were quite active on the trip, hiking through gorges and walking around exploring, let alone putting the rooftop tent up and down every day. Plus over the three week period I only put on 500grams, which is pretty impressive as its hard to eat clean on the road.

The bad... I did put on half a kilo. I chose to eat unhealthy foods much of the time, mainly snacks for the long drives... chocolate, lollies, museli bars, cookies, red bull.... the list goes on :( Drank very little water also.

The ugly... We got back on Thursday, and it took me a few days to snap out of holiday mode... we ordered pizza for dinner last night - I would normally only ever eat 2 - 3 slices, last night I ate 4... and felt gross for it.

Monday I'm officially back on the 12wbt bandwagon with clean eating, water, and tracking my cals. Exercise will come later, but it will come this time!!! I am only a couple of kgs from my goal weight - looking forward to smashing it :)